Good ol fashion Creativity

The idea of forcing creativity is going against the grain of what creativity inherently is in my opinion. I remember seeing the episode of Father Ted as a child where Ted and his associate Dougal had been asked to write a Eurovision song. The brainstorming session undertaken for creating the song spanned hours in a smokey bedroom, cursed with the constraints of the Catholic church and no songwriting prowess the unlikely duo sit in desperation with not a single note being created after midnight and the songs only framework is the subject is about a horse.

Desperation for an idea is hilarious in itself, but not when faced with real word problems, deadlines and fixing failures of previous designs.

Learning about the various methods that can be called upon when conjuring up creativity was an eye opener. I had used mind maps and traditional brainstorming before but never heard of advanced methods such as crazy eight and opposite thinking.

I would say that I used the opposite thinking method for the challenge activity where we were asked to take an existing creative artefact and modify it in some way utilising a chosen method.

I took to creating a redux of the song named ‘Barbra Streisand’ by Duck Sauce, which consists of an American DJ called Armand van Helden and Canadian DJ A-Trak.

Taking the tongue-in-cheek homage track to Barbra Streisand and flipping the song’s only vocal from an American icon’s name to a highly regarded yet monotone British actor’s voice, spoken by his own voice.

The opposite thinking technique in both the country’s specificity but also the difference between the acting and singing academies of the two persons. It also reflects an admiration observed within the original compared to a self-regard perceived in the adaptation.

Musicians usually just jam.

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