Spread that cognition, distribute it in fact

Distributed cognition is the distribution of collective actions required to undertake a sometimes seemingly basic task, when a spaceship launches there are hundreds of actions to get correct in a specific linear order, by using distributed cognition these actions can be spread across a multitude of instruments and users.

When applied to groups of persons, distributed cognition provides a language for cognitive processes that are distributed across the members of a social group, between people and their material environments, and through time. [1]

The way that jazz bands know in between the chaos when to change form and evolve a track, there is a randomness to DCog, a fluidity seen in starling murmurations, this is learnt in ways that allow complex processes to happen seemingly with ease.

[1] “Distributed Cognition.” n.d. Accessed December 3, 2022. https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-155860808-5/50008-3.