Keep looking, you’ll find it eventually, via professional research

Researching for a research-based paper & combined artefact should be a breeze in theory.. it isn’t! especially when looking into the realms of HCI at the same time.

We were given 27 suggested topics to look at as a basis to not only future-proof ourselves, but also areas in great need of research and focus moving forwards.

Ranging from designing interfaces (UI) through to storytelling in HCI there really was no set guidelines for what we should sink our teeth into.

In week one we were recommended to use google scholar and to log rather than a blog, as I am doing here admittedly but I prefer to do both, using to list links and papers that I feel encapsulate parts of what I want to focus on as my main area for a research paper.

notion wiki website
Sites like notion give users a great way of logging their findings and taking notes to accompany them to help build research papers.

Essentially it is quite difficult to research a topic when you are serendipitously learning about it, especially when the subject is HCI.

The combination of researching and learning can be exciting, don’t get me wrong, but it does bring a certain level of skills that I am also picking up in real-time on the User Experience Masters.

I’m making small steps forward, I think I shall look at the voice and personas that IoT devices may take on in the future. I am also keen to look at how sound could be crafted in UX design and the ability to give users full control over the voice and personas of their devices and software, focusing on user testing and how it can help non-neuronormative users to gain confidence by befriending their user journeys.