I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! starting UX projects with rapid ideation

Rushing to do something but not being sure of the outcome… sounds a little mad no?

Well, that’s what this week consisted of, upon getting a theme in our mid-week catch-up from a pack of tarot cards, this said the theme was “Death”… I kid you not!

During our midweek meeting, I was jotting fast-paced ideas for apps that skirted the theme of ‘Death’.. this was somewhat a burst of inspiration all be it a little wide!

The module title for week 4 is Time & Project Management, I chose to set up Trello in order to plan out the tasks that would be involved with the 6-week sprint process.

The main hurdles I had this week was coming up with ideas and then mapping out tasks to focus on for the week ahead, the issue was that I needed to add five weeks of work tasks with little experience of rapid ideation or prototyping.

little organisational tasks such as buying post-it notes were added to my Trello board as I wanted to detail a complete list of tasks required to start the rapid ideation for the sprints.

Upon choosing my idea for ‘Seeds App’ I shall be creating user journey requirements and mapping the outcomes on post-it notes, this is a method known as paper prototyping, I find that during the initial stages of design that this is a great way to work.

Next week I shall be mixing in user research paper prototyping and starting my prototype wireframes using the software Figma. I have set out around 8 hours in the week to get this done.


I put a forum post to the class asking if anyone would be keen to jump on board as a team with any of the initial ideas that I proposed this week, a few days passed and I got some interest from a fellow cohort member! I asked if she wanted to join and that I had chosen the seeds app idea so as of right now I have requested her email and said that I shall add her to the Trello to add ideas and input.

Go go go!