Help me, help you! with a little Procedural Domain – learning the Prinicples and Heuristics of HCI

When it comes to research there is an art to it, setting out a research proposal this week was a filter for my vast selection of topics that I am using to source an eventual topic for my research project.

Getting the background and context, right through to the limitations I perceive I shall come across written down in a proposal was a natural process of elimination, requiring me to get to the nitty-gritty of what it was I wanted to achieve with the big list of existing research in the field.

I have had some positive feedback on the course forum so far, with a fellow classmate asking very valid questions as to how exactly I allow users to choose the sounds that they hear when using devices or software, with regard to the huge array of sounds that are at my disposal.

Before handing in my research proposal, I was overwhelmed with the scope of what I wanted to research and put forwards as a topic. So I aided myself by creating this topic mindmap, which cyphered the core topics I wanted and looked at and the sub-topics to filter the existing academic papers on it.

From the aforementioned mind map, I created index terms that I feel encapsulated my core topics of discovery for my proposal.

Next week I have to finalise my proposal and submit my ethics form for approval, this is all working towards eventually building my artefact to gauge user’s responses to sound design control as part of their UX journeys.