Development Practice – done but not dusted

Well, that was a whirlwind of 12 weeks, the modules covered were creativity, rapid ideation, time and project management, reflection, reading week, version control, research, communities of practice, agile practice & how to navigate the Falmouth real works employability service.

Looking at best practices and understanding that these methods of development practice are a solid foundation for our future careers in design was a challenge as it wasn’t that obvious how they would all piece together.

The most challenging topic I would say was the reflection module, at first it felt forced & I found it difficult to do in real-time, but I admittedly still find it a challenge!

The book “Bolton with Delderfield: Reflective Practice” was a powerful book that I read during the reading week, to aid my reflective writing, I used techniques from it to apply reflection in real-time, and applied them to writing about my experiences in my CRJ monthly.

The topic that I enjoyed the most was looking at communities of practice, I chose to reflect on this topic as well as the topics of creativity and reflection, in my personal case study written assignment.

I delved into the differences between digital anthropology and real-world cultural anthropology, something that I had not looked at too closely or even considered prior to reading on the subject. In doing this I reflected at how I had participated in communities of the past and whether I contributed to them at all, I knew that I could participate more proactively in the future by looking at the need for gamification in communities or to create more abstract narratives in order to get a large portion of very complex technical issues put into an understandable perspective quickly.

You can see all of my CRJ entries in this blog and it shall hopefully give you a clear insight into what I have been working on for the last 3 months.