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Week 10: Content

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When starting my UX artefact design process, I subconsciously knew what my UX artefact for this module might require, including design, functionality, and its use cases. This week we looked at adding content to our UX artefact and the best ways to do it. When looking at the content strategy […]

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Week 9: Web Design

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In today’s digital world, creating websites and applications that are both responsive and accessible is crucial. Responsive web design (RWD) ensures your site or app looks and functions well on different devices and screens. In a recent mobile consumer report, Deloitte explains that “almost every developed country surveyed has at […]

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Week 6: Reading week

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1.1 Self-criticism: cynicism & self-doubt I anticipated that pursuing a Master’s in UX would involve a demanding academic journey, which prompts me to critically evaluate my dedication to learning and how to maintain my motivation, especially at the halfway point of the course. In this era of rapid technological advancements […]

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They might be giants – My UX Research artefact and final paper journey

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Starting the ‘UXO704 UX research’ module this year as part of my Masters degree was a new and exciting experience for me. I quickly discovered a range of new tools and techniques for conducting research, including the highly recommended Paperpile web app. Paperpile is a user-friendly library and reference generator […]


Spread that cognition, distribute it in fact

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Distributed cognition is the distribution of collective actions required to undertake a sometimes seemingly basic task, when a spaceship launches there are hundreds of actions to get correct in a specific linear order, by using distributed cognition these actions can be spread across a multitude of instruments and users. When […]

Feedback Cycles

Feedback cycles

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The gulf of execution… I know.. this sounds sinister and like something that the Bush administration would have come up with in the early 00’s. Alas, this is actually the term given to “the distance between a user’s goals, and the action required to realise those goals” Imagine you go […]